Guess what? Brewdog's Pink IPA is for Women


Brewdog. A brand aimed at those who are not into mainstream beers and set up by two guys who are passionate about craft beer. Going strong since 2007 they have come a long way, with bars and beers across the world. So why did they launch Pink IPA? 

A lesson learnt. Maybe sarcasm isn't understood by just making your beer pink and telling the world you support women's charities. Being a brand that have an IPA called 'Dead Pony Club' you would think they would go a bit more extreme than just making it pink to prove a point. A beer aimed at highlighting the gender pay gap, how 2018...

Some Just Sawse ideas...

-Instead of just launching on International Womens Day and selling for 4 weeks (cheap tactic for brands jumping on the bandwagon of promoting women's versions that are not needed etc.). Continue to sell pink branded versions of the Punk IPA so that it really proves your committed to the cause. 

-Never ever create another 'female' branded beer sarcastic or not

We look forward to seeing your attempt next year, pink glitter might work?