Not again...

I would be kidding myself if another brand misses the mark on an advert. It takes Chance the Rapper to highlight the flaws in Heineken's recent ad.

Brands need to be hot on diversity and that it's not OK to have a tagline that says 'lighter is better' in any context, yes some would argue how is that racist? It's not about what you or I think, if it makes even one person feel uncomfortable watching that has anything that has any hint of racism that's enough to have the ad pulled. 

In an ideal world the tagline wouldn't effect anyone or that when the beer slides past black people to reach the hands of of fair and lovely women, that it wouldn't be perceived as racist. But still in 2018 we are here talking about skin colour again and not for the right reasons. 

The apology doesn't event show any sign of remorse or that they even understand the enormity of the issue. Explaining the tagline is cringe-worthy enough let alone that the 'advert has created ambiguity' just proves that they don't understand the problem.

Its not about brands understanding diversity or culture, it is most of the time common sense. And no it is not openly racist but there are too many connotations of lighter being better with the tagline spelling it out and ending up in a fairer skinned hand. 

As there is a lack of diversity within the industry means some brands may not realise their ads could be seen as inappropriate. Which by the time it hits our screens that is when you truly find out the impact of your ad.